The Harbison Community Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining all common property in Harbison including the Harbison Recreation Center. This includes but is not limited to:

  • General grounds keeping.
  • Pathway and bridge maintenance.
  • Repair and replacement.
  • Removal of pine straw on main roadways.
  • Routine refuse pickup on major thoroughfares.
  • Basic maintenance work at Recreation Center and grounds.
  • Maintenance and rebuilding of playgrounds and equipment.
  • Coordination of all maintenance work.
Maintenence Forms:
To report a light out:

To report a light out, please call SCE&G at 1.800.251.7234 or the Harbison Community Center at 803.781.2281. Please be prepared to give the light pole number and the nearest location. Example: The light on pole # 66 is out and it is located at the intersection of Tawny Branch Road and Chinquapin Road

Quick Response Team

The Association has added a team of maintenance employees designed to address situations in which the health and safety of the community may be involved, or situations that reflect unfavorably on the community.
Examples: wet mattress left on curb, furniture left that the County trash contractor did not pick up, fallen tree in road, curb side drains overflowing

Contact: or 803.781.2281 to determine if assistance is available.

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