Renovation and new construction

Before you begin any project that changes the physical appearance of your property, please download and submit an RDRC form.  It’s important to include as much information as possible to help expedite  the process.  This includes but is not limited to project type, location on property, platt, building materials, color samples in some cases, etc.  Stop by the front desk at Harbison Recreation Center to get one or download the RDRC Project Request Form here.

For general questions about the process or if you need help with the form, please contact Harbison by calling 803-781-2281or e-mail

If you’re wanting approval on tree removal, please use the Tree Removal Form.

For more information, please read below.

Residential Design Review Committee (RDRC)

The Residential Design Review Committee (RDRC) was established by the Declarations (Article IX) for the purpose of facilitating community review and approval of any changes or alterations to existing Structures on Lots designated for residential use and, thereby, relieving the workload of the DDRC.  Therefore, once a residence has been completed, any changes or alterations must be presented and approved by this three (3) person committee prior to beginning the addition/renovation.  The Declarations require that all three members of this committee shall be residents of Harbison.  Decisions of the RDRD may be appealed to the DDRC whose decision is final.

The current members are:

Member #1          Debby West
Member #2          Genie Perry
Member #3          April Alsup

Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges, and Liens for Harbison state:

9.07    Approval Required.

(a)      No external addition or alteration to any Structure on, or addition of any Structure to, or improvement of any Lot designated for residential use on which there is a Completed Unit shall be made unless:

  • (i)      a complete set of plans and specifications in the form prescribed by the Development Guidelines shall have been submitted to the RDRC; and
  • (ii)      such plans and specifications have been approved by the RDRC.

(b)      No approval shall be given by an RDRC in violation or contravention of this Declaration, the Development Guidelines or any rule or regulation of the DDRC or the Association.

Specific Guidelines for projects can be found on our Improvement Guidelines page.

Design and Development Review Committee (DDRC)

An important service is the regulation of the design and appearance of all new construction. The Design and Development Review Committee (DDRC) is established by the Declaration (Article VIII) to assure that all site plans and construction conform to a high standard of environmental quality. The composition of this committee is specified by the Declarations and the Association’s Board appoints members to the DDRC. Decisions of the DDRC are final and there is no appeal.

Member #1          John Watkins
Member #2          Ozzie Nagler
Member #3          George Pickles
Member #4          Ray Cloutier
Member #5          Danny Hood

Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges, and Liens for Harbison state:

8.01    Purpose, Powers and Duties of the Design and Development Review Committee (DDRC)

The purpose of the DDRC is to assure that all proposed uses and any construction or alteration of any Structure which takes place on any Lot or any other Property shall be performed in conformity with ‘the objective of high quality environmental design and development as set forth in the Development Plan. To carry out that purpose, the DDRC shall have the right pursuant to the provisions of this Article VIII to approve any and all proposed uses, site plans and Structures to be constructed on the property, including proposed uses, site plans, and Structures for Common Property, except that the DDRC shall not have the right:, without the approval of the Developer during the Development Period, to disapprove a use for a Lot which is within the use category designated for such Lot by the Developer pursuant to Section 7.01. It shall also have the right to approve or disapprove any and all proposed external alterations or use changes for Lots or Structures including Common Property. The DDRC will not do anything, however, which would prevent the Developer from fulfilling its obligations under the Development Plan.

To obtain Harbison Development Guidelines for residential and commercial development or to submit proposed plans contact:

Ray Cloutier
106 Hillpine Rd
Columbia, SC 29212

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