Covenants and Safety

HCA Safety Department – Mission Statement

  • To provide the greatest level of service possible to the Harbison Community
  • To maintain the highest level of professionalism
  • To provide high visibility patrol
  • To educate the Harbison Community in crime prevention and safety
  • To maintain a high level of community-oriented protection and safety

General Contact Information

Call us with any questions you may have at 803-781-2281. For general questions or to report a covenant violation, please submit the Contact Covenant Enforcement form.

Articles by the Covenants Department

Get Approval!

Each homeowner is responsible for adhering to the rules and requirements set forth in the Harbison Covenants and Restrictions. One should read the Covenants and Restrictions carefully before beginning any project.  Generally, any change to the landscaping, topography...

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Holiday Tips

Christmas holidays are a special time when families and friends come together to celebrate the season. It is also the time of year when families and friends are most generous and practice the tradition of gift giving. It should be a joyous and happy time for all of...

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Home Safety

Your home encases the many memories from your past and forms the foundation for the future.  Do not let an intruder destroy your family’s past or future.  Here's a list of things to keep in mind: Do not open your door unless you know who it is. If someone needs to use...

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Shopping Safety Tips

Shopping, especially during the holidays, is a "window of opportunity" for the criminal element.  Apply these principles to your shopping habits: Shop with a friend as you are less likely to be a victim if someone else is with you.  If you do shop alone, request an...

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What Information do the Police Need?

No police department can function effectively without the concerned assistance of its citizens.  They are depending on you to call and tell them whenever you observe suspicious persons or actions. Some people fail to call the police simply because they are not aware...

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What is Suspicious?

Basically, anything that seems even slightly "out of place" or that is occurring at an unusual time of day could be criminal activity.  Some of the most obvious things to watch for and report include: A stranger entering your neighbor's house when it is unoccupied may...

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What To Do When Stopped by the Police

A traffic stop is one of the most frequent encounters between citizens and police.  Usually, police officers will pull a vehicle over if they have reason to believe that some offense has occurred.  You may feel anxious, irritated at the delay, or concerned about a...

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