Owners of property in Harbison are being given an opportunity to pay their 2018 assessment at the 2017 rate!

Assessment rates for HCA property owners have been the same for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017.  In fact, current rates are still below the 2004 rate.  The HCA Board of Directors will meet later this year to establish the rates for 2018.  HCA operating costs have increased during the past three years, so it is very likely that an increase in the assessment formula will be necessary.

By paying their 2018 assessment in 2017 at the 2017 rate, owners will save on their assessment cost that is likely to increase over the next year.  The owner will not receive another statement from the Association until 2019 if the account is paid in full.

Owners desiring to participate in this advanced payment offer must forward their payment to HCA by November 28, 2017.  After that date, staff will be developing the new 2018 Assessment Statements as approved by the Board.  Questions may be directed to Ellie Nagler or Dave Grove at 803.781.2281.

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