Questions are received occasionally regarding procedures applied to assessment accounts; specifically how delinquent accounts are addressed.

Effective in 2018, New Assessment Processes
Dave Grove announced new administrative processes for Assessment Statements, beginning in 2018.

  1. Assessment Statements will be mailed in January, listing the

    1. 2018 assessment amount – plus – any past due amount
    2. The balance is due by June 30, 2018.
    3. Any outstanding balance not paid by July 1, 2018 becomes Delinquent. Free entry to the Community Center and resident discounts for programs will be suspended for owners with a Delinquent Account
    4. Delinquent Accounts will be charged 12% interest on July 1st. This amount will be added to the balance due
  2. A Certified Letter will be mailed in early July to all Delinquent Owners, listing the following:
    a. An administrative charge of $48 is added to the balance due.
    b. Full payment is requested within two (2) weeks to avoid further collection actions. Additional fees of $200 will be added to the account, if a Lien and Judgment are filed by the Association.

    NOTE: A Lien may be filed against the property, listing the debt owed to HCA – and – a Judgment may be filed against the Owner. Liens and Judgments are official court records, which may impact an Owner’s credit standing.

    c. Accounts not paid in full by the end of the year may be charged additional costs to include legal fees, fees associated with possible Sheriff’s Sale and Foreclosure.

    NOTE: Collection actions may be halted if there is a Payment Plan in effect. The entire Delinquent Account balance may be divided into equal payments over a period of 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 months but the minimum payment amount will be $100. / month on any plan accepted by HCA. However, Payment Plans do not eliminate administrative fees or interest charges. If any month is skipped, the Payment Plan is cancelled and the owner is subject to the legal processes above being implemented. Harbison Association has been unique in allowing Owners a full 12 months to pay their assessment, before delinquency occurs. The above steps reduce this process to 6 months – which is still very generous compared to many other businesses.

Questions, please contact Erik Hardy in Collections at 781-2281.

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