Questions are received occasionally regarding procedures applied to assessment accounts; specifically how delinquent accounts are addressed.

Listed below are the basic steps the Association takes in collecting yearly assessments from Owners of property in areas covered by the Association:

  1. January: Statements are mailed to each Owner listing the yearly assessment amount
  2. April: Statements are mailed to Owners who have not paid
  3. July: Statements are mailed to owners who have not paid.
  4. October: Statements are mailed to owners who have not paid.  Note: Administrative Fees may be applied to cover the cost of mailing Statements in April, July, and/or October.
  5. Delinquent: If the previous year’s assessment has not been paid in full by January of the following year, it becomes delinquent.  An additional charge of 8.75% is added to the Assessment Balance.
  6. Lien is filed in court, attached to the Real Property.  Court costs and/or legal costs are added to the total balance.  The lien becomes a Public Record.  A Judgement may be filed against the Owner.  Court costs and/or legal costs are added to the total balance.  The judgement also becomes a Public Record.
  7. If appropriate payments are not paid to the Association following the filing of a lien against the real estate parcel and the filing of a judgement against the owner, the unpaid balance is then filed with the Sheriff for a Sheriff’s Sale. The Sheriff seizes Personal Property from the Owner sufficient to pay the debt to the Association.
  8. Foreclosure: The Association obtains a legal deed to the property and then disposes of the property.

Most Owners pay their assessments promptly, which is definitely appreciated.  Phone calls and certified letters to the Owner are also used to get the Owner’s attention.  Filing Liens, Judgements and other legal procedures are sometimes necessary, as with any business, in order to fulfill obligations and to maintain fairness to all Owners.  The right to access property is clearly defined in the Association’s recorded Declaration of Covenants.

Payment Plans may be available by contacting Community Revenue Manager Erik Hardy in Finance at 803.781.2281.  Contact Executive Director Dave Grove if you have any questions.

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