Did you perhaps play Tennis years ago, but haven’t kept up with the sport?  Now is your time!

Free for Harbison Residents: Receive up to three hours of free instruction!

Professional Instructor Zach Bogue will give you three free one hour sessions!  You can hit from an automatic tennis ball machine or just lob balls with him.

Come and have fun!

If you haven’t played in a while (or ever), give it a try and see why so many people love the sport.  We’re looking to coordinate lessons, have level-matched play, and maybe even coordinate tournaments.  Now’s the time to check it out!  You don’t need to have a tennis racquet to give this a try.


This offer is only for Harbison Residents – teens and adults.  Zach will be available on Mondays andThursdays from 4:30pm – 7:30pm.  He can only accommodate a limited number  of players at one time, so please call the Community Center (803.781.2281) to schedule a time slot.  If you do not have a tennis racquet, it isn’t a problem – Zach will have some and plenty of tennis balls.  Call and register!  If you find you enjoy it, we’re working on opportunities to get you playing more often!

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