The new program is associated with Youth – series play day – which is designed to get kids and families to join the fun and health benefits of an active lifestyle through tennis. Please contact the tennis instructor for more information about the program, prices and group rate at 803-960-8171 or email the instructor at

Private Lesson 1 hour $50.00
Private Package 2 hours/4 hours $90.00/$175.00
(2 Persons) 
1 hour/4 hours $25.00 each/$185.00 each
Group Sessions/Clinic  1 hour (3 persons) / 1 hour (4 or more persons) $20.00 each/$15.00 each
Age Specific  60 and over (1 hour or 1/2 hour) $45.00/$35.00

*10 and under (1 hour or 1/2 hour)  $60.00/$30.00

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